Thursday, October 8, 2009

So here we are.....

I had lunch with my sister, we ate at Applebees, then we went to Hobby Lobby to buy some paper so I can make the wedding invites! I will post them when I get them done! Lucky day the ribbon and the paper were 50% off!

So I said we would shop for Halloween costumes.... well I did not have time to look, I am taking the kids tomorrow to look at CVS I have to script filled and I took the flu quiz on the site to save 5.00 from 25.00 again. I have a 10.00 easy buck (last weeks Tide deal) and I will be getting 10.00 for a new script. SO tomorrow will be a FREE DAY, I will post so you know what I got, I also printed off some coupons to match some of their sales from the ad so I will include them MY GOAL is to have a completely FREE trip, we will see how I do. And if we can find costumes there, I would not normally buy them there but with them possibly being free we will see.

Here is a question.... do you print and use online coupons? I just started myself about a month ago. You can print from there are more but these are some to you get started. And MOST stores do take internet coupons! EVEN Walmart although some of the stores say no, I did contact the home offic and they do as long as they have an expiration date and the barcode scans, to save from embarrassment in the line I would call or check at the service desk ahead of time, as close as Walmarts are I would just drive the extra to have a stress free shopping and not have to argue with Walmart policies with a cashier.

I am working on a photobook as promised, and I did notice some of our special deals have expired on the free books so I will have to go hunt down some more offers!! I am working on a photobook we are going to use as the Guest book at my daughter's wedding. I am using the engagement photos which will be a surprise to her because she doesn't know I have them. I am really excited to see how this works out and I am hoping to have it ready and back for her Bridal shower on Nov. 1st. If not it will still be a nice surprise at the rehearsal.

Get those camera ready!!! School is out on Monday for Columbus Day, around here we always go to the apple orchard, anyway take some pics and I will have some special prices posted so you can get them developed at the lowest prices available! (FREE)
I must go to bed, busy day tomorrow, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

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